Mary Magdalene in Conversation with Lilian Broca documentary combines the intrigue of a compelling, yet at times disturbing drama of Mary Magdalene’s life and work as described in various gospels and codices, with the captivating appeal of symbolic narratives seen through luminescent fragments of glass. The documentary takes the viewer into the extraordinary world of an innovating artist who dares to follow her personal vision. We witness Lilian Broca using ancient symbols and unusual compositions of biblical figures juxtaposed in a telling manner, a controversial yet utterly plausible one. Broca’s interest in Mary Magdalene as her current mosaic series’ protagonist developed partly because of Mary Magdalene’s varied, often controversial representations over the centuries in art and in literature.

The documentary transports the viewers inside Lilian Broca’s mind presenting the connection she has with Mary Magdalene during the process of creating. Mary Magdalene travels from her time into the present times to meet with the artist at her studio in Vancouver. The spiritual connection and interpersonal compatibility between the artist and the protagonist, portrayed in the mosaics, are based on Lilian Broca’s personal journal and her research of Mary Magdalene’s varied representations over the centuries in art and in literature. For Lilian Broca the timeless symbols and the ancient forms are powerful tools used to examine the here and now.

Lilian Broca’s work probes the challenges and quests the meaning facing everyone in our post-modern world. Mary Magdalene in Conversation with Lilian Broca feature documentary offers the viewer a stimulating and inspiring experience of the inherent power of visuals. Lilian Broca’s Mary Magdalene is a story of female empowerment that encourages women to believe in their own strength and strive to become successful despite all odds.